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My name is Joyce. I am a canine beautician with over thirty years experience of working in the dog grooming industry and I formed my own business in 1993. My first experience of working with dogs came when I was employed in a salon in Manchester on a Youth Opportunities Programme apprenticeship as a dog groomers assistant. This salon also ran training courses. When I completed my apprenticeship I went on to work with the students on the courses, teaching grooming and clipping techniques. After five years I decided to gain further knowledge and experience in various grooming salons around the Manchester area. However I found that I could not dedicate enough time per dog to perfect my skills as they had such a fast pace so I decided to work for myself enabling me to work to the standard I wanted. My business has ranged from mobile dog grooming to renting a grooming salon within a large retail pet store in Stockport. I currently run my business from home where I have all the specialized equipment. I have always loved animals and currently own two dobermans and two little pigs.

I do enjoy my work and I feel that it is important that the dogs enjoy being groomed too. Most of my clients have been with me for many years and I have maintained excellent relationships with both dogs and owners. I am a firm believer that quality is better than quantity and I take pride in the work that I do. With years of experience grooming puppies to elderly dogs rest assured that your pet will be in the best possible hands and will be treated with kindness and consideration.

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